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Time to fire up those grills, it's Summertime

July 2, 2012 Posted by: Lee Roy Selmons
Summertime- a time to fire up those grills, find the sweetest, juiciest Florida summer corn and sip a refreshing cocktail or ice cold summer ale. Well, we have just the ticket to summertime at your local Lee Roy Selmon's. Each season our chef follows the latest food trends and follows his passion for farm fresh seasonal flavors. The new summer menu at Lee Roy Selmon's is all that. Farm fresh flavors, fire- grilled favorites and oh yes, that succulent corn on the cob.

Happy Mother's Day from Lee Roy Selmon's

May 4, 2012 Posted by: Lee Roy Selmons
Mother’s Day is a time we get to thank Moms everywhere for all that they do. In fact, Lee Roy Selmon’s family celebrates Mama Selmon each and every day with her special recipes. Growing up on the farm, Mama Selmon knew after a hard day’s work, her sons were hungry and looking forward to gathering at the table. Your local Lee Roy Selmon’s carries on the tradition of gathering and sharing, especially for Mom.

Celebrate Spring

March 30, 2012 Posted by: Lee Roy Selmons
Spring is a time of year when we listen for the crack of the bat, the whack of a tennis ball, the hushed whispering cheers as the golf ball rolls into the cup in hopes of a green jacket. At Lee Roy Selmon's we know that spring this year means new menu items to enjoy while you watch the start of major league baseball soon to be in full swing.

Brisketball is here!

March 7, 2012 Posted by: Lee Roy Selmons
When the Blue Ribbon Book arrives the planning begins. When the Brisketball 2012 menu starts - the game is on! Let's face it - March is the month to shoot, score and line up those brackets. Lee Roy Selmon's is happy to announce the second annual Brisketball menu has just tipped off.

Selmon's Super Spread Sunday is almost here!

January 31, 2012 Posted by: Lee Roy Selmons
It is almost here- the game that makes the season's final statement in football that is! This year on February 5th Super Bowl XLVI is being played at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy. Gather at Lee Roy Selmon's sports restaurants for your personal Super Bowl party. You'll be warm and enjoy the best Super Bowl food in the nation. It's a Lee Roy Selmon's sports tradition.